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Gulf Coast Western Continues To Control America’s Gulf Coast


Gulf Coast Western is the company behind the operations of Gas and Oil General Partnerships. The company also called Joint ventures combines talent and expertise in its exploration procedures. Gulf Coast Western specializes in developing and acquiring energy reserves. Additionally, it’s an expert in exploring gas and oil reserves throughout America’s gulf coast area.

The firm applies its expertise in the industry to identify the areas that are geophysical and geologically fit for exploration. Gulf Coast Western collaborates with partners that would bring potential returns at the lowest risk terms procedure. Matthew Fleeger, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and President is the man behind the company’s success.

Fleeger admits that Gulf Coast Western’s success lies behind the successful collaborations with dedicated partners. He acknowledged that the company operates under the pillars of honesty, respect, mutual trust, and integrity. Matthew is quick to mention that the company intends to spread its services beyond the United States in the future. He admits that the Gulf coast wants to add more thousands of acres of land for exploring to its portfolio.

The success of Gulf Coast Western came through working together with over one thousand partners. The firm has operated the exploration business for close to have a century now. Although the main offices are in Dallas, the Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana offices help in connecting with the partners.

Most of its exploration activities happen in Southwestern Louisiana. Gulf Coast collaborated with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration in acquiring a massive chunk of the area’s oil deposits. Over 30 million barrels of oil from 140 drilling stations emerged from the collaboration. Besides, Gulf Coast Western acquired the rights of operating 13 producing wells.

The collaboration with Northcote Energy Ltd added 4 million barrels to the Gulf Coast’s portfolio. The oil comes from Beauregard Parish located in Shoats Creek Field, a wealthy oil-producing deposit at Louisiana. Those are but a few collaborations involving the company and other partners. Matthew Fleeger notes that the company’s quest for more gas and oil production continues.

Steve Lesnard: Why Simplicity In Digital Marketing Is Important

If you are reading this on the internet right now, you have likely come across multiple different marketing campaigns during your regular browsing. If you are on your smartphone, you’ve probably seen advertisements on several of the apps that you access every day. The digital world holds a lot of potentials when it comes to the ever-changing world of marketing and Steve Lesnard believes that the future will show the world even more interesting opportunities. When it comes to marketing, it’s important to put your product in front of people wherever they are and today most people just happen to be part of a digital world. Steve Lesnard has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world through his years working in the world of marketing and has seen the changes that digital media is bringing to businesses and their customers.

While marketing digitally can come with a lot of great benefits that can’t be found with other forms of advertising, Steve Lesnard states that it’s important to keep in mind the pitfalls that are exclusive to it as well. When digital marketing isn’t advertised in a way that keeps the needs of the customers in mind, it can be counterproductive to what you were hoping to achieve. While there is no one right way to advertise a product to the world, there are a few things that can make the process go better.

While your product may have 100 features that you know your customers love, you’re probably not going to be able to fit every single one of them into your marketing campaign. Steve Lesnard suggests to those working on marketing campaigns to try to keep it as simple as possible while still conveying the message that you want to get across. Highlight the most important feature that you want your potential customers to know about and make the marketing memorable for them. If your campaign catches their attention enough to learn more about your product, you can then tell them about the rest of the things that it could offer them. This isn’t an easy process, but it can have a huge impact.

How Matthew Fleeger Led Gulf Coast Western to Success

When it comes to the Oil and Gas industry very few companies, have been able to capitalize on the natural resources available in the world. While other companies have chosen to over-exploit the resources making it extremely difficult to preserve these resources for future generations. However, Gulf Coast Western, LLC has a different approach. By combining their talent, resource, experience and industry know-how, they are able to develop, explore, and acquire domestic gas and oil reserves, which are located in the gulf coast of the United States. It also focuses on the properties that have both geophysical and geological advantages, as well as well-developed structures.

However, the success of the company would not be possible were it not for its leadership. The man responsible for the company’s accomplishment is Matthew Fleeger. He is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. According to Matthew Fleeger, the various achievements of the company are due to the transparent and open relationships the company has always maintained with its accredited partners. These relationships have been built on respect and mutual trust, and this enabled the company to operate with integrity and honesty. Having been founded in 1970, the company has continued to establish its place in the oil and gas industry.

Matthew Fleeger has also become an international name and is highly regarded because of his expertise in the gas and oil, tanning, and waste management industries. He is also recognized for his competence in team building, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and entrepreneurial abilities. Before he became the CEO of Gulf Coast, he founded MedSolutions, where he was the president and CEO of the company for 13 years. After successfully leading MedSolutions to success, he later sold it to another company, and this helped establish his entrepreneur abilities. This helped to further establish his position as Gulf Coast Western Chief executive officer and president.

Roseann Bennett: Q&A With Renown Family Therapist


Roseann Bennett is considered to be one of the nation’s most revered family therapist. Her countless hours of experience working with individuals, married couples and families has allowed her to not only help people with their life challenges but also create effective long term solutions for them.

Recently in 2009, Roseann Bennett would begin working on creating the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a charity organization that seeks to bring therapy to those disenfranchised or marginalized by society.

We recently sat down with Roseann Bennett to learn a little more about herself and her work.


What does your early morning work routine look like?

Roseann Bennett explains that as the head of most of the developmental plans and procedures that are seen at the Center, Bennett is often a part of the integral planning of these programs. Along with preparing her own budget and maintaining an adequate accounting system, Roseann also works on her own casework as keeping that connection with patients is critical in helping patients believe that change can happen.


Can you share a few productivity advice?

The best way to focus is to have a variety of focused attention/time, along with being able to walk away from it for a while, says Roseann Bennett. In addition to the concentration needed to accomplish a project, a passion for the work must also be present. An idea that makes sense needs to be accompanied by passion or else it’ll never work, says Roseann Bennett. Get Additional Information Here.


Can you please speak about your work environment?

Roseann Bennett states that it might just be her old school way of thinking, but she usually likes to keep all her notes within a notebook. She admits that she does use Gmail, Google Drive and of course EMR or Electronic Medical Record; However, being able to write her notes and plans on paper is a pleasant change from the typical day-to-day list that she sees within work technology.

An article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Mental Health Awareness Week Spotlight”, licensed therapist Roseann Bennett offers quicks tips to keeping your Mental health in-check; tips people can use to stay on track with their well-being – both in and out of the workplace.


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Academy of Art University contribution to education and sports

Academy of Art University comprises of 16 sports teams. Urban Knights are among the sports team which emerged the first to win two championships. The team has participated in several events in cross country, basketball, and tennis. It views the interaction in art and enhances balancing quests that prepare students to prosper. Academy of Art University was formed in 1929 by Richard Stephens. It converts students into experts in the field of art.

According to the founder, he believes that students should be given an opportunity to showcase their potential. He adds that art education should be offered by experienced and professional artists. The art industry plays a huge role in society. Academy of Art University nurtures creativity through their current sector of expertise and education. Graduates have been employed by various firms such as Apple, EA, and Nike among many more. It is through their efforts and expertise which has enabled them to earn such positions in recognized companies.

The owner of the university has ensured students were well- informed and skilled with the modern technologies in the industry. This knowledge assists them when they get into the real world where technologies are being utilized. Furthermore, they have a higher chance of acquiring job opportunities when they have skills in technology. Academy of Art University has grown to contain thousands of students and is the leading design campus in the country. Moreover, it has provided job opportunities to thousands of individuals.

The school management believes a disciplined strategy which motivates students to create their own styles. They are able to improve their technical skills and professional knowledge to pursue their career. When it comes to academics, the university offers associates, bachelors, and masters. They range in several subjects which makes it better and easier for students to choose. The learning institution owns and operates an automobile museum, which comprises of hundreds of vintage vehicles. They are in a better position to cater and maintain their vehicles making it an attractive site. It is recognized for sports, efficient education and proper investment in the art sector.

Roseann Bennett Explains How She Opened Her Mental Health Nonprofit


The Center for Assessment and Treatment is a New Jersey nonprofit mental health organization that offers its services to anyone who needs them. They don’t turn anyone away based on their inability to pay. It was co-founded by Roseann Bennett who, in addition to managing her own group of clients, is also the executive director. She is licensed to perform marriage and family therapy. She mainly works with teenagers and their families.


Roseann Bennett says she established her nonprofit after having worked in the mental health industry for several years. Roseann was an in-home therapist who, when she switched to outpatient therapy, had her eyes opened. She found out that people had to wait for up to nine months to see a therapist. She also found out that almost nobody was helping low-income families get access to care.


Bennett decided to change this dynamic.


From the beginning, their approach was one of modesty and practicality. Roseann Bennett says that she and her husband, the other co-founder, kept costs down as much as possible. They furnished their location with furniture they brought in from home, for instance. They started to advertise their nonprofit by attending community meetings and reaching out to potential clients. They kept their office open six days a week and 11 hours each day. See This Page for related information.


She says that they wanted to understand why there was such a need for a nonprofit such as theirs. In order to grow, they looked at what their competitors were doing. Roseann Bennett says they took their competitors best practices and steered away from their mistakes. Roseann Bennett Therapist is proud to say that they have never turned down seeing a client regardless of anything else that was going on.



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Practicing To Exercise Your Voice With Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince, the chair and president of Grace Farms recently spoke about exercising one’s voice in each moment for the improvement of gender parity. According to Sharon Prince, it is important to practice speaking out in those crucial moments as it helps you form your voice, enabling you to confront power forms and the fabrics that define these forms. Gender parity has followed an accelerated march over the years but using pour voices at the moment, whether in board rooms or casual talks, could further improve this.


Sharon Prince has been exercising her voice with a different tactic that involves questioning and calling out people when she notices sexism in conversations and actions at that moment. For behavior modification, she addresses sexism and language that is gender distinguished.


Sharon Prince brings to attention that even references to self-identified women, for example, “Mrs” for married women, whereas none exist for men is a source of the problem that may create gender barriers. Language generally contributes to defining power and is a means through which sexism and discrimination is reproduced. , therefore, creates societal bias where which power and status are in favor of men, which are then matched with similar gender roles.


Although sexism has declined over time, our voices play an even more critical role in making the call outs and questioning over sexism more effective. Over time, Sharon Prince is sure that your voice becomes more powerful and thus more significant impact it has over time. Go To This Page for additional information.


In her 50s, Sharon Prince has made her voice part of who she is. With her regularly exercising her voice, she has made a great accomplishment towards Grace Farms Foundation and advocated for the oppressed who suffer, especially by humanitarian issues like slavery.


Prince recommends forming a team of influential voices that can effectively drive and stand for change. Practicing to exercise our voices when required will create a respectful world.


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Boraie Development: Achievements Made In the Recent Years

The Aspire is a great milestone by Boraie development. It is a unique apartment located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The 17-story building is very near to the train station in New Brunswick. Some of the unparalleled amenities include the full-time doorman lobby, a yoga center, indoor and outdoor club for residents for purposes of playing, working or resting. The 238-unit building has a parking space attached to direct elevator access to the lobby.

The luxurious residential area has indoor bike storage for various individuals. The rooftop sundeck is heavenly with a garden and a BBQ place. Within the neighborhood, there is a dining area, nightlife as well as a shopping facility. There is also a 10,000 square feet retail center. Additionally, the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and children cancer institute is directly adjacent to the building.

The former superstar in the NBA, Shaquille O’ Neal, made a collaboration with Boraie development. The star was aimed at ensuring commercial and residential upgrade to his home town, Newark. The projects by the joint collaboration have targeted the saddening market-rate units. They have made moves on a movie theatre, a retail complex and a residential tower. The second joint construction project is located in the downtown area of McCarter Highway.

Gino Pozzo-Watford FC

Gino Pozzo, an Italian businessman, and owner of the Watford Football Club in England is building a legacy, one goal at a time. Under the Pozzo family ownership, the Watford FC has risen to the Premier League. Just who is Gino Pozzo?

Gino earned a Masters from Harvard University at the age of 18, and even then his passion for Football was evident. The Pozzo Family are staples in the Football league. In 2013 Pozzo took the helm of Watford FC by moving his family to Spain to be more involved with the daily operations of his football club.

The Pozzo family are own Udinese Calcio, and Granada football clubs, making them the first family with clubs located in the top flights of Spain, England, and Italy. Gino Pozzo has produced impressive results at Watford FC, turning the club into a top 10 team in just four years.


Dynasty of the Pozzo Family

The Pozzo family started their impressive football empire almost 3o years ago. It was during their early growth that Gino honed his scouting skills, helping Udinese discover some of the best and youngest players. One of their biggest finds were Alexis Sanchez.

No wonder, Gino Pozzo was ranked #4 by Talksport’s 2019 rankings of CEO football club owners, the Pozzo family turned the Watford FC into a force to be reckoned with. Following, the 2018 season in which Javi Garcia began aa manager, the Watford squad is holding solid in the Premier League.

After leaving the woodworking business in 2008, the Pozzo family has broken new ground with their dedication to football. Gino Pozzo continues to break new ground in footballing with his unique and innovative recruiting. The world of footballing seems much more exciting as a result, and the fans are ready for an exciting new season.

Dr. Tim Ioannides Natural Remedy For Skin Diseases In Sunlight


It is possible for someone who has never suffered from a skin condition to look down upon someone who has one simply because it sounds almost incredible. But believe it or not, skin conditions are genuine and are affecting real people in unimaginable ways. While some shut themselves in other’s confidence in themselves is eroded affecting their social lives dramatically. In addition, they even fail to meet new people because their skin is red or they have eczema.


Common Types of Skin Conditions

Dr. Tim Ioannides has encountered every imaginable kind of skin condition in his prolific career as a dermatologist. However, apart from the complicated types, he explains that there are the simple most common types including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and a variety of other inflammatory skin conditions. All of these, he has devised an easy treatment for with the widespread natural resource: sunlight.


Using Vitamin D Supplementation to Help Skin Conditions

It is interesting to know that vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin probably only because the body is able to synthesize it from cholesterol immediately a person makes contact with the sun. It is an amazing process, but sometimes people need some help because they don’t have enough vitamin D. According to Tim Ioannides, there are several reasons including an insufficient diet, obesity, seasonal changes, age, and many more others.

Dr. Ioannides strongly recommends vitamin D for everyone. He says 10 to 15 minutes of exposure to the sun in the open will do wonders for both the mind and the body. His treatments with a general 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day to patients have been very successful and have produced the results they are looking for. Dr. Ioannides has been practicing for 15 years now and has founded Treasure Coast Dermatology.


Go To This Page to visit him on Twitter.