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Securus Success in Preventing Illegal Inmates Calls

A recent video of an inmate in Evans Correctional Institution has brought the question about the use of cell phones in correction facilities, the inmate identified as Jose Ariel Rivera has several been found in possession of a cell phone. Cell phones have been used by inmates to organize crimes from the prison. An example is the attack of Robert Johnson, who worked with the Lee Correctional Institution for about 15 years. Robert was attacked at his home for intercepting a package of contraband estimated to be $50,000 in value while on duty. Another example is the killing of a baby in Georgia. Robert Johnson warns that if the inmates are allowed to continue accessing cell phones, the safety of correction officers and the public is at risk. Robert Johnson is currently working with the Securus Technology.


Securus technology has the solution for the correctional facilities that can help them intercept unauthorized calls from the prison. Securus Technology has managed to intercept calls from about 1.7 million illegal communication. Eight correctional facilities across North America has benefitted from the Technology introduced by the Securus. The wireless Containment Solution is the most effective way to curb the ever-increasing cases of crimes organized from the prison by the inmates. If correction facilities can install this new technology brought by the Securus Technology, the calls made by inmates can easily be monitored.


The Federal Communications Commission has joined in the fight against inmates accessing cell phones illegally within the prisons. The FCC encourages correction facilities to contract Securus to help in regulating the calls that are coming in and going out of those facilities. The technology used by the Securus enables then to intercept phone calls, check whether the phone numbers are authorized or not and decide what to do with the number, in case the number is unauthorized, it is dropped, preventing the inmates from communicating. The use of cell phones by inmates is widely considered as communication hazards.


Securus Technology has invested heavily in the project. It has invested over $40 million into the WCS. The method used by the Securus has been lauded to be very effective in eradicating the use of Contraband cell phones. Most institutions are planning to install the WCS services provided by the Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has it’s headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It has served over 3,450 public safety, corrections agencies and law enforcement. More than 1,200,000 inmates are also served by the organization throughout North America. Secures Technologies provide emergency response, investigation, communication, incident management, public information, biometric analysis, information management, and many other services. Secures Technologies is committed to eradicating crime caused by the inmates and the world a better place to live.

Sound Engineer Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson History & Background

As a man of many talents, Clayton Hutson could have surely found success in any field he chose to be a part of. Having said that, Clayton Hutson chose to contribute his efforts towards the field of sound engineering and has done so with tremendous success. Worth repeating, Clayton Hutson is as successful as it comes as a live sound engineer. In fact, his hard work and dedication in his career have landed him highly-regarded positions in the field such as a Manager and Monitor Engineer. Exceeding initial expectations that were put on him, Clayton Hutson quickly gains a reputation as one of the more determined and hard-working individuals in his respective field. Over the course of a career that spans over two decades, Clayton Hutson has advanced and progressed to levels way above most people in his line of work. It goes without saying that Clayton Hutson has set the standard for what it takes to be a very successful sound engineer. In addition, considering how demanding and competitive his field of work can be, Clayton Hutson is more than deserving of the respect and admiration he receives from his peers today. Needless to say, there are more than plenty examples to choose from that illustrate how effective Clayton Hutson is as a sound engineer. So, to further understand how Clayton Hutson has managed to reach the amount of success that he has today, let us recap an article by on Clayton and his career.


Clayton Hutson Interview

The article by on Clayton Hutson, which is in an interview style format, explains a lot about Clayton and his ideas that brought him his success. In the article, it goes on to talk about what went through his mind when conceptualizing his company, a typical day at work for him, his habits as a successful sound engineer, and other questions that really open up Clayton Hutson’s mind to those who are not familiar with him. Overall, Clayton Hutson comes across as a normal person who put in vast amounts of time to get to where he is today. The article makes it very clear how the success of Clayton Hutson was not without its setbacks. However, it is also made clear that Clayton Hutson made sure to stay as normalized as possible despite hoe demanding his career is of him. Without a doubt, Clayton Hutson will continue to find success in the near future and for many years to come. Learn more:

The Great Moves by Gregory Aziz in Handling Leadership At National Steel Car

The leadership of the National Steel Car for the last 15 years has attracted the attention of many people in the market. The reason behind the moves is the strategies set in place by the Gregory Aziz as the CEO of the organization. Gregory James Aziz falls in many sectors as the leaders in the institution. For instance, he runs the position of the chairperson and chairing the board members of the National Steel Car. James Aziz was born in London, England. The surrounding where he spent the better part of his life while growing has contributed a lot to his passion in the circle of business. Gregory finally specialized in the area of economics at University of Western Ontario.


Gregory Aziz set himself in the management sector at the Affiliated Foods Company. He was assisting the family in running different operations in the firm. The dedication that he showcased at the areas where he was running attracted the attention of the team of management in the company, and he was promoted to the manager in the company. Gregory Aziz then laid down all the requirement that allowed the company attained the best place in the market regarding the standard products and the quality of the services to their clients. He projected the dreams of the Affiliated Foods till it became the best in the importation of the fresh produce in the entire market of Europe. Furthermore, the company gained international recognition through the modern ways that it adopted regarding marketing products. Most of the products of the Affiliated Foods began to reach to places such as the United States and Canada through the efforts of the Gregory Aziz in the circle of marketing.


Gregory Aziz passion in the business made him invested in many banking institutions while he was operating in New York. Aziz then acquires the full ownership of the National Steel Car. He drafted the new measures to enable the management of the company run the system the company with fewer challenges. The forefront objective of the Gregory Aziz was to make the National Steel Car retain the clients it had before. National Steel Car has been in the freight car manufacturing scene for also most a decade. Gregory made the operation of the firm fall within the regulation of the law by registering the National Steel Car under the requirements of the ISO. Visit This Page to learn more.

National Steel Car success has been linked to the excellent leadership set in place by Gregory Aziz.



Gregory Aziz Leading The Top Manufacturer, National Steel Car

National Steel Car has for more than once proved to be one of the best manufacturers of freight cars, and top in the manufacturing industry. This company has exceptional manufacturing skills that have put it on the worldwide leaderboard of companies that perform very well. To get here, the companies leader who is also the head of its executive operations and is its chair, James Aziz, had to make a lot of sacrifices.

1949 in the month of April, dated 30th, Greg Aziz was born. His father saw to it that Greg James Aziz was well educated at the Ridley College. Education was far much paramount than wealth, and in order to be an important person in the society, Greg had to study. He completed his education and proceeded with tertiary studies which he acquired at an institution in Western Ontario. There, Greg pursued what his greatest interest lay in, and this was economics.


Affiliated Foods became the first business that Gregory James Aziz got involved with. He was interested in helping out with the family firm, and his input made the fresh foods distributor grow into the worldwide market. Within 16 years of Greg’s involvement with Affiliated Foods, the company had become an expert in its field of specialization and gained worldwide prominence that it still holds up to today.


Affiliated Foods was started several years before Greg’s birth, and it was initially not that productive. However, James Aziz had learned a few important skills while in college and the university. These skills made him a better manager than the ones who had come before him. He left Affiliated Foods for better opportunities, while the company had achieved something it never had in very many years.


Gregory J Aziz became the owner and leader of National Steel Car soon after his impressive work at Affiliated Foods. He worked hard, and his commitment to the company could never be paralleled. He knew that he was capable of transforming National Steel Car into something better, but he needed a little more time and more cooperation from his employees. He treated them well and increased their numbers by hiring more. His work on the company was seen years later when he won several awards for being the most rapidly growing company in North America and the whole world that manufactures quality railcars. Greg is grateful for the cooperation of his colleagues and subjects. He also thanks the community for its support in making NSC great.   See This Page for additional information.

Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos, pilot, and heir to the Amway Corp has always worked for the upliftment and positive changes in the institutions of his hometown. In 1991, he lobbied against the building of multipurpose sports and convention center in the north downtown of Grand Rapids. His campaign was against constructing public facilities outside of the business district, which can become total waste if major activities don’t happen there. DeVos’ campaign led to the formation of Grand Action, a group that is regarded as the driving force behind the DeVos Place Convention Center, DeVos Performance Hall, Michigan’s State University’s medical school, and much more.


DeVos with his wife Betsy, the US Secretary of Education, pushed for the expansion of charter schools and donated about $138.7 million to leadership programs, churches, arts and culture, human services, churches and private initiatives. Education initiatives, advocacy, and philanthropy have been DeVos’ main achievement in the last decades. DeVos backed a Michigan charter school, which is a nonprofit charter academy that provides aviation education for young people. Due to DeVos’ support, the unique public high school has grown from 80 students to 600 students in just a few months. The school has also gotten help from DeVos and his wife, who have donated more than $7 million through 2014, and another non-interest loan of $3 million, so they can expand and equip the academy building.


DeVos’ commitment to education and establishment of infrastructure and institutions, especially in the aviation sector is paying after all. In 2017, he was tapped by the Trump Administration to become a member of the top civilian panel for the FAA. The 13-member management advisory panel is responsible for advising senior management of the FAA on issues relating to policy, regulatory matters, spending, etc. This position suits DeVos because of his work in the growth and development of Gerald R Ford international airport. He was one of the people to make sure that SouthWest offer routes out of the Grand Rapids Airport, which has led to passenger growth and reduced airfares.


DeVos’s approach to ensuring that the airport was successful impressed everyone, including the management of SouthWest. His strategy has always been using small groups to start negotiations, which worked for him. He always emphasized on connecting and engaging people, to achieve collective success that will bring about growth in the community. DeVos’ strategy also involves getting local talents to do exploit and rebranding – including a $45 million makeover paid for by private money. This is the secret behind the airport project that removed it from the list of most expensive airports and turned it into a thriving center, which is now a source of pride to the people of Grand Rapids.


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The American Institute of Architects Then-and-Now

     AIA is a professional organization of Architects based in the United States that has a main office in Washington D.C. The organization caters to the continuous improvement of the architect profession as a whole by granting educational funds, sponsoring community improvement, initiating government collaboration and organizing public outreach programs to enhance the architect profession’s public impression.

Crane Awardee and acclaimed Master Architect Fellow AIA Robert Ivy, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy is well-known in the architect industry as a staunch advocate of the architectural trade and line of work, on issues regarding social, political and environmental matters.

Aside from his educational achievements of having earned his Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Arts Degree from the University of the South and Tulane University respectively, Robert Ivy is also the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record from 1996 to the present; and Editorial Director and President of McGraw Hill Construction.

The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 by a group of architects, with the objectives of encouraging the technical prowess of its members and advancing the architect profession. Since there were no schools and licensing laws in the United States during that time everybody can assert that they are architects. In order to make the organization legal, they drew-up its constitution and by-laws on March 10, 1857.

The core group who pioneered AIA were: John Welch, Fred Petersen, Charles Babcock, Henry Cleaveland, Richard Upjohn, Leopold Eidlitz, Richard Morris Hunt, Edward Gardiner, Joseph Wells, Henry Dudley and Jacob Wrey Mould. Richard Upjohn was the very first president.

The group led by Richard Upjohn initially called themselves the New York Society of Architects. Thomas Walter from Philadelphia recommended that the name New York Society of Architect be changed to American Institute of Architects. The headquarters office then was situated in New York Avenue, NW, Washington D. C.

Ivy’s new position within the AIA will give rise to supervising the American Institute of Architects main office located in Washington D.C. where 206 individuals are currently employed; and the management of its annual budget which is estimated to be $56 million per annum. Other tasks will involve working closely with 300 chapters all over the country; promoting the value of architectural design; and doling out support to all AIA members stationed abroad.

George Miller FAIA and AIA 2010 President positively expressed that Robert Ivy is an excellent addition to the current management team, and his presence will certainly enhance the entire organization.



Matthew Autterson Continues to Develop Career

Achieving continued financial and professional success in the business world can be very complicated today due to the significant amount of competition and challenges that all people face. While growing a career can be tough, one individual that has continued to achieve professional success with a variety of organizations is Matthew Autterson.


Matthew Autterson started his career in 1980 when he graduated from Michigan State with a degree in finance. After he graduated from school, he immediately attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. While he was attending the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program he met a lot of people in the finance industry and learned the skills that would help him to later succeed at all of the jobs that he has had.


After finishing the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program, Autterson got his first job working at First Trust Corporation. After spending a few years at First Trust Corporation, Autterson joined a small team of professionals and started up a new unit of Integra Resources, which was based out of New York City. He eventually was promoted internally and got a top job working for Resources Trust, which eventually became Sun America. Sun America was then acquired by AIG.


While he was working for these organizations, Autterson was integral in the growth. While these organizations started small, he was able to help grow the number of employees and assets under management. Ultimately, before Integra was taken over the company had more than 10,000 employees that were responsible for billions of dollars in assets under management. See This Page for more information


While Autterson has been very busy with his growing and developing career, he also has been involved with a number of different organizations. Matthew Autterson is one of the top board members for the growing organization, Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Falci Adaptive Biosystems oversees a number of professional and philanthropic tasks in the Denver, CO area.


Beyond his role with Falci Adaptive Biosystems, Autterson is also on the board of directors for CNS Bioscience, Inc. CNS Bioscience, Inc. is an organization that is involved in the development of clinical drugs and procedures. This organization was founded in 2013 and has been very successful in the development of a range of different drugs and procedures that are used to help people alleviate some pain. The company is also looking at a number of other opportunities that Autterson is involved in the oversight of.


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Mathew Autterson Is A Colorado Businessman Who Works To Ease The Suffering Of Those With Neuropathic Pain

Mathew Autterson is a leader in the business community of Colorado and a philanthropist who has used his business savvy to help people however he can. He has worked in the financial services industry for more than 25 years and has served in numerous executive and leadership roles during that time. Mathew attended Michigan State University and graduated from the college in 1980 after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. He furthered his education by studying at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.


Mathew Autterson started out his working life by serving at First Trust Corporation. After staying with the company for a short period of time, he moved on to work with a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., which was a chartered trust located in Colorado. Eventually, Mathew decided to move on and work for Resources Trust Company, and in 1986 he was voted in as the president of the company. He stayed on with Resources Trust Company even after they were bought out by Broad Inc. and then SunAmerica as well as AIG.


A large part of the charitable work that Mathew Autterson does is through Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) where he serves as a member of its Board of Directors. The nonprofit organization dedicates itself to improving the conditions of people who suffer from neuromotor disabilities so that they can live a free life where they are able to engage with the world around themselves. Mathew has also served in different leadership positions with the Board of the Denver Zoo as well as the Denver Zoological Foundation. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Denver Hospice and serves with the Webb-Waring Foundation. See This Page for related information.


Mathew Autterson is active on social media, and if you look at his Twitter account, you will see a spread of tweets related to some of his personal interests, some of his favorite quotes, and quite a few related to the industry he works in. If you take a look at his Linkedin page, you will see that Mathew is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of CNS Biosciences, which is bioscience company in its clinical-stage and early-stage period that works to discover drugs that can help ease the neuropathic pain. He is also a member of the Board for the company that was started up by Scott Falci in 2013. You can also find a couple of articles on his Linkedin page featuring discoveries in medicine.



Meet Co-founder Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb consciously leverages technology to increase efficiency so the human condition is improved. McCaleb created the first exchange for bitcoin, Mt. Gox and a large network for file sharing, eDonkey. He founded Ripple during 2011, in 2014 he was a cofounder of because he recognized there are several people without resources because of a broken financial infrastructure.

Jed McCaleb leads Stellar’s technical development, supports it. It is a nonprofit that joins financial digital literacy with technology and makes contributions to software that is open source. He advices MIRI which is an artificial intelligence researcher for impacting positively.

Stellar Idea Origin

Jed McCaleb’s increased Bitcoin interest is what led to Stellar. He noticed that Bitcoin was a database that was being distributed and knew that there were things it could be used as a solution for other than making new currencies including the connection of financial institutions. Stellar links various institutions together for moving money between people.

World Bank says that almost half of the adult population of the world does not have a bank. This means they do not have means to save money because they do not have bank accounts and have to pay fees to send money. It is expensive for banks to serve those with low income and limited financial institution connections make the cost of money transfers high. Using the open source network for finances to connect institutions and allow for money transfers to be made easily and inexpensively is the goal of Stellar. Stellar is being implemented by businesses and nonprofits for financial infrastructure.

Jed McCaleb’s Typical Day

McCaleb knows how to balance between technical development and management because he has managed small teams. His two work modes are reactive and focused. He builds and codes in focused mode. He handles the behind the scenes tasks of running a business in reactive mode.

Trends Jed McCaleb Is Excited About

McCaleb find artificial intelligence terrifying and exciting since the powerful technology is still in the beginning stages. In future AI will solve existing problems to make life easier, it is largest technological advancement since the revolution of agriculture. Jed McCalab donates to the research of machine intelligence for this reason.

How Joel Friant Released A Pure Habanero Pepper Product

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has owned many small businesses such as a home remodeling business and a restaurant among others. He has also been a very successful financial investor. He started his career in real estate where he would buy homes that had been foreclosed on by the lender, update it, and then put it back on the real estate market where he’d earn some profit.

Starting in 2003 he opened a business so that he could help people he knew, plus others, buy their first homes. This led to him garnering experience to the point where he started to do business with mortgages, both underwriting them and working with lenders. He became one of the top mortgage originators in the nation and it led to him having the opportunity to establish a new branch office for an up and coming lending business.

Perhaps Joel Friant’s greatest success, though, is with The Habanero Shaker, a product Joel invented in the mid-1990s. He had owned his restaurant at the time and he wanted to offer people a memorably spicy topping for their food. What he created was something that tasted great as it was both buttery and spicy, using only the flakes of habanero peppers. He created this when he was researching other spicy concoctions and noted that every single one of them also included things like cheap spice and salt instead of giving people a more premium product.

The Habanero Shaker was sold as a product that could be used to both season a food and while it was cooking. It was successful right off the bat when he started selling it in grocery stores. He says that the habanero peppers he used for this, and the recently relaunched The Original Habanero Shaker, are so good because he only picks peppers that have ripened quite a bit. As they ripen they get hotter, he says. Joel Friant says that the peppers should also be dry when they are picked because otherwise they can be diseased which ruins the flavor.