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Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Head of the Class: Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion is a company that was created by Bob Reina. He saw a need in an industry and wanted to fill it to the best of his ability. He tried to send a friend an email with a video clip and was told it could not be done. that gave him the lightning bolt […]

Madison Street Capital: 16th Annual M&A Adviser Awards Winners Announced

Chicago,IL – The M&A Advisor Awards took place recently, with winners announced on November 13th. The 2017 accolade was given to Madison Street Capital. Attending the M&A Advisor Awards Gala in New York, NY, the winner was chosen and announced at the Metropolitan Club. The event that contributed to this was their handling of the […]

Securus Technologies Invents Containment Network for Public Safety and Protections from Inmate Violence

Securus Technologies is the largest provider to law enforcement and corrections facilities for assuring public safety. The company serves more than 3,400 agencies across the country.   Robert Johnson is a former corrections officer at the Lee Correctional Institute in South Carolina, and on March 5, 2010, he suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to his […]

Gregory Aziz A Man Of Vision

Gregory James Aziz is the Administrator, Director, and President of CEO National Steel Car, famous world’s leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies in Hamilton, Ontario.   Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario on April 30, 1949. He studied at Ridley College and got a degree in economics at the University of Western […]

Sussex Healthcare Audiology Developing The Practice In The UK

Sussex Healthcare Audiology or SHC Audiology is a provider of audiology services for the local community. The company is currently working in the towns of Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. Sussex Healthcare Audiology has been in partnership with NHS, providing aftercare for their patients who require a hearing aid. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare Audiology provides assessment hearing […]

Gregory Aziz And A Great Team

Gregory Aziz is a man that is the Chairman, the President and the CEO of National Steel Car. Under his leadership, this company has risen to great heights in the railcar industry. They are known all over the world for the work that they can do because other companies in the field cannot compare with […]