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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Heather Parry’s Progressive Strides in the Music Industry

When it comes to the music world, very few people have what it takes to not only make it in the industry but also to lead the industry. One of the revered people in this industry is none other than Heather Parry. She took over as the Live Nation Productions president in 2015 and has […]

Steve Lesnard Picked Up A Lot Of Key Information Throughout His Career

  About Steve Lesnard Steve Lesnard has been involved in sports all his life. At a very young age he learned about sports and was very active. During his youth he also learned the value of hard work and integrity and those values helped shaped him into the business marketing mastermind he is today. Steve […]

Nick Vertucci: A Prowess Real Estate Investor

Most prominent investors have come a long way. They have hustled hard under the scorching sun just to improve their lives. Nick Vertucci is one of the people who has come from grass to grace. He is a real estate investor who founded Nv Real Estate. He hails from a humble background which could hardly […]

The Reforming Journey Of Victoria Doramus And Her Passionate Works In New York City

  Philanthropist and expert in drug addiction behavior and psychology Victoria Doramus was also a drug addict. Her life in New York City as an addict proved difficult and miserable. From being a homeless and jobless lonely lady in New York City, Doramus had decided that she had had enough. But before her full recovery […]

Marketing Manager Steve Lesnard Talks About His Keys To Success

  Steve Lesnard is an international marketing manager who spent over two decades promoting sports apparel products all over the globe. He spent much of his career working towards developing marketing campaigns that would convince consumers to purchase and enjoy sports apparel on a regular basis. During his career, Steve Lesnard has proven to be […]

Nicolas Krafft Contributions In Inclusive Fashion Shows

Nicolas Krafft’s Twitter account has a constant theme of women empowerment in fashion. Krafft believes that for the global fashion industry to achieve its potential, different stakeholders must bring women on the negotiating table. As one of the most experienced professionals in the world of fashion, Nicolas Krafft Loreal has been part of different campaigns […]

Jojo Hedaya Redefines Electronic Mail

Building a startup is no easy feat, but Jojo Hedaya has made a big difference to that narrative. He dropped out of university education to follow his passion and now, he is reshaping electronic mail for all users. A major problem with electronic mails is sorting out the important from less useful ones. Usually mails […]

Robert Deignan, the Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of ATS Digital Services. The company helps people with technological issues all over the world. It also offers remote services and helps clients even from far. Generally, ATS Digital Services deals with network connectivity and troubleshooting issues. Robert Deignan a native of Fort Lauderdale State […]

Ryan Seacrest Has Exceptional Talents

Mr. Ryan Seacrest isn’t your average bloke. The man seems to have his footprint everywhere, from entertainment to fashion, and philanthropy. His involvement in a plethora of activities have showcased his talents and good nature. Ryan has been at it for a long time through his syndicated radio programs that he produces and hosts, to […]

The Life Of A Legend Alastair Borthwick

  Alastair Borthwick lived a very eventful life during a time that saw many upheavals and changes taking place in his home, Scotland and the entire world. Born in the early 21st century, Borthwick came to age during the intervening years between the First and Second World War. Alastair Borthwick is a keen journalist, enterprising […]