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Academy of Art University contribution to education and sports

Academy of Art University comprises of 16 sports teams. Urban Knights are among the sports team which emerged the first to win two championships. The team has participated in several events in cross country, basketball, and tennis. It views the interaction in art and enhances balancing quests that prepare students to prosper. Academy of Art University was formed in 1929 by Richard Stephens. It converts students into experts in the field of art.

According to the founder, he believes that students should be given an opportunity to showcase their potential. He adds that art education should be offered by experienced and professional artists. The art industry plays a huge role in society. Academy of Art University nurtures creativity through their current sector of expertise and education. Graduates have been employed by various firms such as Apple, EA, and Nike among many more. It is through their efforts and expertise which has enabled them to earn such positions in recognized companies.

The owner of the university has ensured students were well- informed and skilled with the modern technologies in the industry. This knowledge assists them when they get into the real world where technologies are being utilized. Furthermore, they have a higher chance of acquiring job opportunities when they have skills in technology. Academy of Art University has grown to contain thousands of students and is the leading design campus in the country. Moreover, it has provided job opportunities to thousands of individuals.

The school management believes a disciplined strategy which motivates students to create their own styles. They are able to improve their technical skills and professional knowledge to pursue their career. When it comes to academics, the university offers associates, bachelors, and masters. They range in several subjects which makes it better and easier for students to choose. The learning institution owns and operates an automobile museum, which comprises of hundreds of vintage vehicles. They are in a better position to cater and maintain their vehicles making it an attractive site. It is recognized for sports, efficient education and proper investment in the art sector.