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Serial Entrepreneur Jeb Mccaleb And His New Venture, Stellar

The serial entrepreneur, inventor, and programmer, Jed McCaleb, is well-known for his early adoption and creation of cutting-edge, Internet platforms and websites, like Mt. Gox. And when it comes to hot technology like blockchain and other new methods of payment involving Bitcoin, McCaleb is right there, spotting the trends. Recently, McCaleb created a cryptocurrency-based project […]

Meet Co-founder Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb consciously leverages technology to increase efficiency so the human condition is improved. McCaleb created the first exchange for bitcoin, Mt. Gox and a large network for file sharing, eDonkey. He founded Ripple during 2011, in 2014 he was a cofounder of because he recognized there are several people without resources because of […]

How Joel Friant Released A Pure Habanero Pepper Product

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has owned many small businesses such as a home remodeling business and a restaurant among others. He has also been a very successful financial investor. He started his career in real estate where he would buy homes that had been foreclosed on […]

AvaTrade Review: One of the Best Systems When it comes to Investing Online

Are you looking for high quality results with the best user options or features? Look no further than AvaTrade. There are a lot of unique features including diversified resources that are both useful to beginners and to advanced traders. AvaTrade is an innovative leader with years of experience in stock trading online. They have created […]

The Oxford Club and Four Investment Strategies

The Oxford Club is a private, international network made up of several investors and entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help its members increase and maintain their finances. The Club has over 157,000 members in over 130 countries. The Oxford Club started out as a group called the Merchants and Brokers Exchange founded by Gary Scott. […]

Siteline Cabinetry – The Perfect Blend of Design and Style

Selecting the right furniture for a home is a challenging task. It is difficult to find furniture that is exactly right and fits your needs perfectly. A cabinet in particular needs to look good and provide the advantages of convenient storage as well. The Corsi Group luckily has the answers to these problems. They have […]

Gregory Aziz A Man Of Vision

Gregory James Aziz is the Administrator, Director, and President of CEO National Steel Car, famous world’s leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies in Hamilton, Ontario.   Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario on April 30, 1949. He studied at Ridley College and got a degree in economics at the University of Western […]

“Joel Friant: The Mastermind Behind The Habanero Shaker!”

In the business and free market industry, several aspects of the trade have to amalgamate synergistically in order to become successful and have a sought after product line. Supply and demand is king of course, but one must be both resourceful and intuitively creative in generating ideas that will become lucrative. Entrepreneur Joel Friant has […]

The Oxford Club: Is Betting On Bitcoin A Bad Idea

You might have heard some of the stories coming out about Bitcoin lately. These are stories about how it continues to set new record highs in terms of its pricing. It seems that every day it knocks down yet another rail in the ladder towards new heights. Recently, it surpassed $11,000 per Bitcoin. That climb […]

Custom Cabinet Company Siteline Cabinetry

One of the latest brands of the company known as the Corsi Group is Siteline Cabinetry. Since 2015, the company has established a reputation of offering some of the highest quality cabinets at the most affordable cost. Over the last couple of years, Siteline Cabinetry has been able to provide cabinets that have transformed many […]