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Roseann Bennett: Q&A With Renown Family Therapist

  Roseann Bennett is considered to be one of the nation’s most revered family therapist. Her countless hours of experience working with individuals, married couples and families has allowed her to not only help people with their life challenges but also create effective long term solutions for them. Recently in 2009, Roseann Bennett would begin […]

Steve Lesnard Picked Up A Lot Of Key Information Throughout His Career

  About Steve Lesnard Steve Lesnard has been involved in sports all his life. At a very young age he learned about sports and was very active. During his youth he also learned the value of hard work and integrity and those values helped shaped him into the business marketing mastermind he is today. Steve […]

Marketing Manager Steve Lesnard Talks About His Keys To Success

  Steve Lesnard is an international marketing manager who spent over two decades promoting sports apparel products all over the globe. He spent much of his career working towards developing marketing campaigns that would convince consumers to purchase and enjoy sports apparel on a regular basis. During his career, Steve Lesnard has proven to be […]

Nicolas Krafft Contributions In Inclusive Fashion Shows

Nicolas Krafft’s Twitter account has a constant theme of women empowerment in fashion. Krafft believes that for the global fashion industry to achieve its potential, different stakeholders must bring women on the negotiating table. As one of the most experienced professionals in the world of fashion, Nicolas Krafft Loreal has been part of different campaigns […]

Jojo Hedaya Redefines Electronic Mail

Building a startup is no easy feat, but Jojo Hedaya has made a big difference to that narrative. He dropped out of university education to follow his passion and now, he is reshaping electronic mail for all users. A major problem with electronic mails is sorting out the important from less useful ones. Usually mails […]

Invest in your employees: Louis Chenevert advice to companies and managers

For a company to grow, the CEO must be willing to go beyond the usual norm and device ingenious ways to initiate growth for his/her company. While there are many ways that a manager can deploy to achieve positive growth, banking on the company’s employees is the best shot at success. This is according to […]

Richard Liu Qiangdong Taking Over China And The World

  Richard Liu Qiangdong founded the largest e-commerce company in China, Also, he is the company’s CEO. His self – made success was approximately $ 12 billion as of early 2018. His business venture has more than 100 million active customers. Liu is a widely experienced intuitive person who is flexible when it comes […]

Liu Qiangdong: The Entrepreneurial Genius

Liu Qiangdong holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from The People’s University in China. He also has a postgraduate degree from the China Europe International Business School. The outgoing entrepreneur had his first working experience at Japan Life. During his studies, the self-taught computer scientist discovered the need for diversification. He explored computer-enabled self-study and […]

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Thoughts At The World Economic Forum

  Richard Liu Qiangdong earned his place on the list of China’s richest people; the founder has been valued well into the billions, with Forbes estimating his worth at $11 billion. At the World Economic Forum, he spoke candidly about the life choices and professional decisions that put him on his path to success. […]

Paul Herdsman- Making A Difference In Customer Services Delivery

  One of the most important issues that any business that deserves to take seriously is matters related to customer service. The customer is the king in any business setup. So, every decision that is made should be geared towards satisfying the needs of the customer. It is in this respect that Paul Herdsman, the […]