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Steve Lesnard: Why Simplicity In Digital Marketing Is Important

If you are reading this on the internet right now, you have likely come across multiple different marketing campaigns during your regular browsing. If you are on your smartphone, you’ve probably seen advertisements on several of the apps that you access every day. The digital world holds a lot of potentials when it comes to […]

Paul Herdsman- Making A Difference In Customer Services Delivery

  One of the most important issues that any business that deserves to take seriously is matters related to customer service. The customer is the king in any business setup. So, every decision that is made should be geared towards satisfying the needs of the customer. It is in this respect that Paul Herdsman, the […]

Paul Herdsman On His Hobbies

  Paul Herdsman, Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, took an interview with Stephan Callahan of BlogWebPedia, about his hobbies and how they are an integral part of his life. Paul Herdsman’s hobbies are fishing and golfing. He details how they help unwind after a week in the office, and he always makes sure to […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons From Paul Herdsman

  Paul Herdsman is a successful businessperson who has gained a lot of experience over the years. He has been offering solutions to companies, and it has proved successful.   Today he runs NICE Global which has been helping companies in different ways like increasing earnings, improvement of customer retention and lowering of overhead costs. […]

Paul Herdsman: How Run A Successful Business

Entrepreneurs start businesses so that they can succeed. Heading a thriving business is every entrepreneur’s dream. And to succeed in business, management of factors of production is of high importance. Management of these factors helps in oiling the engine that that runs the ventures. Paul Herdsman shared Effective Business Tips to budding and established entrepreneurs […]