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Steve Lesnard Picked Up A Lot Of Key Information Throughout His Career

  About Steve Lesnard Steve Lesnard has been involved in sports all his life. At a very young age he learned about sports and was very active. During his youth he also learned the value of hard work and integrity and those values helped shaped him into the business marketing mastermind he is today. Steve […]

The Reforming Journey Of Victoria Doramus And Her Passionate Works In New York City

  Philanthropist and expert in drug addiction behavior and psychology Victoria Doramus was also a drug addict. Her life in New York City as an addict proved difficult and miserable. From being a homeless and jobless lonely lady in New York City, Doramus had decided that she had had enough. But before her full recovery […]

Marketing Manager Steve Lesnard Talks About His Keys To Success

  Steve Lesnard is an international marketing manager who spent over two decades promoting sports apparel products all over the globe. He spent much of his career working towards developing marketing campaigns that would convince consumers to purchase and enjoy sports apparel on a regular basis. During his career, Steve Lesnard has proven to be […]

The Story Victoria Doramus On The Issue Of Drugs

  For more than 10 years, Victoria Doramus has been working in the field of print and digital media. She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Colorado University. Victoria Doramus has been in charge of branding and advertisement in several companies after her undergraduate degree which includes, Trendera, Creative Agency and Mindshare. Moreover, she […]