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Roseann Bennett Explains How She Opened Her Mental Health Nonprofit

  The Center for Assessment and Treatment is a New Jersey nonprofit mental health organization that offers its services to anyone who needs them. They don’t turn anyone away based on their inability to pay. It was co-founded by Roseann Bennett who, in addition to managing her own group of clients, is also the executive […]

Telemedicine Is Great, But Rosann Bennet Doesn’t Believe It Can Replace Traditional Therapy

  As technology advances, more and more industries are going online, including healthcare. It is becoming possible to get a diagnosis and treatment plan set up from the comfort of your home. But should you? While the convenience and lower cost of a Snapchat diagnosis may seem attractive, Rosann Bennett believes that it can’t and […]

Roseann Bennet Achievement In Marriage And Family Therapy

  Roseann Bennet holds a vast wealth of knowledge in marriage and family therapy. With over ten years of working in this position, she has helped a good number of people to deal with their various life challenges. Bennet has as an in-home family therapist where she was tasked with the responsibility of marital and […]

Roseann Bennett Focuses On Canine Assisted Therapy

  When a child is brought into a therapy setting, the odds are good that they will feel self-conscious and aware of the words that they are saying and the actions that they are taking. Children don’t have the same capability as adults when it comes to baring the truths that are bothering them, but […]

The Great Victories Of Roseann Bennet

  Roseann Bennet is a family therapist based in Hackettstown, New Jersey. She has had experience over a decade servicing people from different geographical regions helping them to overcome the various challenges they face in life. Roseann Bennett plays multiple roles in guidance as a home therapist including, planning of treatments, crisis and case management […]

The Center Of Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has spent a long career first as an in-home therapist and then as a pioneer into very innovative outpatient therapy techniques. She has done all of this pioneering work in the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which she and her husband, Todd, founded. The two […]