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The Successful And Philanthropic Vinod Gupta

  There are many highly successful business people in the world but few who dedicate a great portion of not only their wealth but their time to philanthropic efforts to lend a hand to those who are not as fortunate. Vin Gupta is one of these hardworking and philanthropic success stories. Born in a small […]

Vinod Gupta

  Vinod Gupta, an American investor, and philanthropist was born in India on 4th July 1946. Vinod is the former Chief Executive Officer of info Group which was previously known as infoUSA. He served as CEO from 1972 to 1997, and later on in 1998 August to August 2008. Being full heart philanthropist, according to […]

Vinod Gupta’s Philanthropic Actions In The Education Sector Are Clear For Anyone To See

  Vinod Gupta is probably one of the most successful business moguls in India. The experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneur currently controls a mega venture capital business that is worth around $680 million. Surprisingly, the mega business was started on borrowed money, which is a clear indication and demonstration of his skills and competence. However, it […]

Gregory Aziz; The Man Behind The Success Of National Steel Car

Reports have shown that National Steel Car is not just among but indeed is the leading manufacturing and engineering company when it comes to freight vehicles that run on the rail. Before being granted this honor for its achievements and success, the company had to go through a series of mishaps and difficult times. The […]

Telemedicine Is Great, But Rosann Bennet Doesn’t Believe It Can Replace Traditional Therapy

  As technology advances, more and more industries are going online, including healthcare. It is becoming possible to get a diagnosis and treatment plan set up from the comfort of your home. But should you? While the convenience and lower cost of a Snapchat diagnosis may seem attractive, Rosann Bennett believes that it can’t and […]

Roseann Bennet Achievement In Marriage And Family Therapy

  Roseann Bennet holds a vast wealth of knowledge in marriage and family therapy. With over ten years of working in this position, she has helped a good number of people to deal with their various life challenges. Bennet has as an in-home family therapist where she was tasked with the responsibility of marital and […]

Roseann Bennett Focuses On Canine Assisted Therapy

  When a child is brought into a therapy setting, the odds are good that they will feel self-conscious and aware of the words that they are saying and the actions that they are taking. Children don’t have the same capability as adults when it comes to baring the truths that are bothering them, but […]

Vinod Gupta And His Million Dollar Idea

  In a small village in India known as Rampur Manhyaran with no running water, televisions, electricity, roads, toilets, or cars Vinod Gupta has been able to turn all that around to the person he is today. He was in the Indian Air Force for three years, starting in 1964 but would leave in 1967 […]

Dick and Betsy DeVos – Their Contribution to Grand Rapids and Beyond

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been really active in the political and social landscape for the past decades. Their fields of influence have been a couple – the landscape of their local hometown, education through charter schools, and the air transportation industry connected to the development of the Grand Rapids air travel.   Few towns […]

Betsy DeVos’ Journey To Education Reforms

On the front of education systems, Betsy DeVos has been chairing the table. Her works speak loads about her effort to give American scholars the best the world is yet to see. Devos is generally a reformer and she does it so well. Being a student at Calvin College, she chaired several teams that worked […]