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Bradesco President Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Retires

     The new president was announced on Monday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The president was to replace the retiring president of the organization Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. The man behind the success as a replacement for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was not other than Octavio de Lazari, a man who was the head of Bradesco […]

Bruno Fagali Gives Attention to All His Cases

     Bruno Fagali knows how to work as an attorney. He’s spent most of his career learning how to give people the things they need and that’s what allowed him to be the best attorney possible. It also gives him the motivation he needs to continue working on different options so he doesn’t need to […]

Tony Petrello: The Outstanding CEO Of Nabors Industries

     While he might stay away from the public eye on most days and quietly do what he does best, there is no doubt that Tony Petrello is on the list of some of the most important people in America. He stands as the leader to Nabors Industries, one of the leading names in the […]

The American Institute of Architects Then-and-Now

     AIA is a professional organization of Architects based in the United States that has a main office in Washington D.C. The organization caters to the continuous improvement of the architect profession as a whole by granting educational funds, sponsoring community improvement, initiating government collaboration and organizing public outreach programs to enhance the architect profession’s […]

Jeff Yastine Hails RegTech as the Solution to Compliance Woes

     Often times, when bureaucrats decide to become involved with a particular industry, a specific set of circumstances, begins to take place. Out of the blue, a Chief Compliance Officer will be deemed necessary, as well as a group of his own designated lieutenants, who will ensure that the new proposed changes are implemented to […]

The American Institute Of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a well-known organization catered specifically to professional architects in the United States. The historical facility is located in Washington, D.C., where they offer educational resources, government advocacy, redevelopment of communities, and a public outreach to help support the professional conduct of architecture. The AIA also takes great […]

Karl Heideck: An Excellent Attorney in Philadelphia

     Getting an experienced, genuine and qualified attorney in compliance and risk management practices in Philadelphia area is not easy. But Karl Heideck in recent years he has dedicated his career to helping citizens in matters of understanding law and compliance. He has vast experience in employment law, corporate law, product liability, and commercial litigation. […]

Livio Bisterzo Has Created A New Niche In The Snacks Industry

     New reports intimate that Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the investor family for Green Park Brands. The actor’s funds were part of the $2.5 million that Green Park Brands raised through a recent fundraiser. This development will boost the growth momentum of the brand enabling it to expand to other markets internationally. Leonardo couldn’t help […]

David Samadi Saves Lives Through Neurological Understanding

     It is undisputed that menopause is a bitter pill that every woman will worry about at some point in life. At a certain age in time, this pill pops into a woman’s life, coupled with significant symptoms that when looked into, can be controlled in certain levels. The life transition stage comes with challenges […]

How Eli Gershkovitch Grew To Become a Leader in the Brewing Industry

  After graduating from the law college, Eli Gershkovitch took a break from his career routine. He enrolled in art classes in université de ski in Grenoble and started the French Alps as part-time lessons. It was his first step towards leaving his law career. His exposure to Belgian beer led to him establishing his […]