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David Samadi Saves Lives Through Neurological Understanding

     It is undisputed that menopause is a bitter pill that every woman will worry about at some point in life. At a certain age in time, this pill pops into a woman’s life, coupled with significant symptoms that when looked into, can be controlled in certain levels. The life transition stage comes with challenges that pose questions. To define this stage, it is a period in which a woman does not go through a menstrual cycle. Often, it is a normal condition and although it may pose as abnormal in its first stage, with clear explanation on the biological and scientific changes that the body is undergoing, an individual should lead a normal life. The experience marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years.


While menopause is a natural stage for every woman at some point, it possesses unique as well as varied symptoms in every woman. For some women, the symptoms border mild to average effects while to other women, the symptoms are relatively exaggerated. This is to say that to other women, the stage is more challenging because the journey is coupled with tough and extreme hot flashes, increased weight and vaginal dryness. Despite how menopause treats a woman, it is vital for an individual to be knowledgeable about the stage. This allows an individual to have early preparation. Some of the preparation stages include have an interactive session with the health professional. This is an opportunity to garner sufficient knowledge concerning future expectation. The question on menopause has raised many topical issues because while some women have concrete knowledge on what to expect, other wallow in little to no knowledge what to expect.


David Samadi is a professional doctor who is vastly celebrated for his input in various sectors of the medical field. The celebrity doctor is an executive official in Urology as well as Robotic Surgery. He is a celebrated figure at the Lenox Hill Hospital. As a board member and certified urologist who specializes in urologic complications as well as kidney cancer and prostate cancer, David Samadi is better placed to diagnose various complications that surround the well being of humans. By investing in advanced as well as invasive treatments, David Samadi has been a leading figure in battling laparoscopic prostatectomy and radical prostatectomy.


David Samadi was born in Persia, a Jewish community. He left Iran when he turned 15, following the Iranian Revolution. To better himself, he joined a school in London and pursued his studies before relocating to America. David Samadi joined Stony Brook University after high school. He majored in biochemistry.