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Gregory Aziz: The Executive Who Understands the Needs of the Hour Better

Railcar industry had the most prominent role in ensuring smooth and mass industrialization in various continents. The growth and advancement of the industry could directly impact the industrialization in various areas. Also, it needed to satisfy the priorities of different sectors along with the preferential choices of various players in each industry. While coming to the modern times, technology innovation and understanding of the future needs are the two critical parameters in reaping success in the industry. Being said that, Gregory Aziz has excelled in both as the Chairman of National Steel Car, the North American leader in railcar making. He is known as a man who understands the needs of the hour better than anyone else in the industry.


1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_oSince Greg Aziz assumed the leadership role of the company in 1994, after acquiring it from Dofasco, he pumped technology innovation, quality, and safety into the operations and engineering excellence of National Steel Car. Even before acquiring the firm, Aziz was sure of the engineering expertise and the excellent team of professionals of National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz executed a revamp plan inside the railcar maker, and that made the production capacity of the company manifold along with the significant addition of headcount. Within five years, the freight-car maker, with 100 years of expertise, returned to the top spot in railcar making.


His thoughts on quality and delivery excellence helped the firm to get some of the best industrial certifications including ISO 9001:2008 and TTX SECO quality awards. The company is a continuous winner of both the recognition for the last two decades. National Steel Car is the only company with the top ISO certification in the North American freight-car industry with numerous recertification in the past. Greg James Aziz also insists on implementing next-gen safety procedures into the operation line of the company and its products. Interestingly, his initiatives at National Steel Car helped the North American governments to adopt a new set of safety regulations recently for the industry as a whole. View More Information Here.


Greg Aziz understands the needs of critical industries like chemical as well as oil industries and provides solutions that can address their advanced safety needs. This is the reason, Aziz started adopting novel safety measures from 2014 by hiring talented professionals and advancing the plants with new equipment. Interestingly, the initiative also ensured better environmental footprint for the continent. Greg Aziz is also a proponent of philanthropy and brings the company into philanthropic efforts through CSR programs.