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Heather Parry’s Progressive Strides in the Music Industry

When it comes to the music world, very few people have what it takes to not only make it in the industry but also to lead the industry. One of the revered people in this industry is none other than Heather Parry. She took over as the Live Nation Productions president in 2015 and has helped the industry grow too various heights ever since she acquired the position. Immediately after she got the job, she chose to jump right into work quickly, and she has never looked back ever since. Within the first two months, Heather Parry was able to team up with director/actor Colin Hanks.

Heather Parry

She had previously worked with him during the ten years she worked at Adam’s Sandler’s. This collaboration leads to the creation of a documentary about the return of Eagles of Death Metal in Paris after the Bataclan tragedy in 2015. Another factor that contributed to her acquiring the president position is that she worked for a dozen years at MTV, and this helped her identify her love for cinema and music. This ultimately resulted in not only an Eagles documentary, but also a current Lady Gaga Film among others. These strides help her stand out in the music and film industry.

According to Heather Parry, the reason as to why Live Nation excites her is everything the company is involved in. For instance, they can create documentaries and run their trailers in VIP suites. The reason why she can accomplish such great heights in the industry is due to the chemistry between the musicians and directors. One of the documentaries that have become quite famous is “A Star Is Born.” It has become one of the most prominent documentaries of the year, and thanks to Heather Parry; this is just the beginning of what she has in store.

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