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How Daniel Taub Strengthened The Bonds Between Israeli And United Kingdom

Daniel Taub has served as the ambassador of Israeli in the UK for four years. According to Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, it is during his tenure that the business between two countries has doubled. It is estimated that the bilateral trade between Israeli and the UK ranges between $ 5.5 and $7 billion annually. The British Secretary of State in Business, Innovation, and Skills announced that over 300 businesses belonging to Israelis had been set up during the tenure of Daniel Taub.



Taub has worked on strengthening the bonds between the two countries. Other than improving the business between the two, Taub also has played a significant role in deepening the academic and cultural links between the two countries.



Taub is an award winner for Grassroots Diplomat Initiative that focused on awarding diplomats. He supported and mentored young entrepreneurs in the country. His work got the attention of interfaith and cross-cultural activities. This resulted in invites in churches, interviews, and TV talk shows.



He has engaged in peace negotiation deals. He was involved in Palestinian and Israel Peace deal. He played a prominent role in these talks, which led to agreements between the two countries. He also took part in Israel-Syrian Peace negotiation process. The negotiation process was a success. His commitment and expertise contributed to the success of the peace negotiations.



About Daniel Taub



Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in England. He attended Oxford University College and later Harvard University of Kennedy School of Government. Since he had Israeli Origins, he surrendered his UK citizenship and migrated to Israeli in 1989.



After getting to Israeli, Daniel worked as Medic in Israeli defense forces. He also worked as an officer for International Law Division. In 1991, Daniel started working for the government in foreign affairs ministry, and a speechwriter for the country’s prime minister.



Daniel Taub served as Israeli Ambassador in the UK from 2011 to 2015. His tenure was the most successful. He was the second Israeli ambassador born in the UK and served in the country. It is in his tenure that the relationship between the two nations grew and strengthened.



Daniel Taub is also a published writer who has articles published in Times Magazine, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and the Guardian among others. Taub’s career has been a success as both a career diplomat and a negotiator.


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