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How Joel Friant Released A Pure Habanero Pepper Product

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has owned many small businesses such as a home remodeling business and a restaurant among others. He has also been a very successful financial investor. He started his career in real estate where he would buy homes that had been foreclosed on by the lender, update it, and then put it back on the real estate market where he’d earn some profit.

Starting in 2003 he opened a business so that he could help people he knew, plus others, buy their first homes. This led to him garnering experience to the point where he started to do business with mortgages, both underwriting them and working with lenders. He became one of the top mortgage originators in the nation and it led to him having the opportunity to establish a new branch office for an up and coming lending business.

Perhaps Joel Friant’s greatest success, though, is with The Habanero Shaker, a product Joel invented in the mid-1990s. He had owned his restaurant at the time and he wanted to offer people a memorably spicy topping for their food. What he created was something that tasted great as it was both buttery and spicy, using only the flakes of habanero peppers. He created this when he was researching other spicy concoctions and noted that every single one of them also included things like cheap spice and salt instead of giving people a more premium product.

The Habanero Shaker was sold as a product that could be used to both season a food and while it was cooking. It was successful right off the bat when he started selling it in grocery stores. He says that the habanero peppers he used for this, and the recently relaunched The Original Habanero Shaker, are so good because he only picks peppers that have ripened quite a bit. As they ripen they get hotter, he says. Joel Friant says that the peppers should also be dry when they are picked because otherwise they can be diseased which ruins the flavor.