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“Joel Friant: The Mastermind Behind The Habanero Shaker!”

In the business and free market industry, several aspects of the trade have to amalgamate synergistically in order to become successful and have a sought after product line. Supply and demand is king of course, but one must be both resourceful and intuitively creative in generating ideas that will become lucrative. Entrepreneur Joel Friant has a penchant for doing exactly that. Whether it’s flipping houses in the real-estate trade, teaching others how to be financially secure through capital venture or in the kitchen producing and manufacturing his infamous Habanero pepper flakes, he does it successfully. Mr. Friant has a natural way of bringing out the best qualities in those around him through his enriched acumen, charismatic personality and genuine concern for others.

Mr. Friant first began his career in the real-estate industry where he would buy foreclosures, remodel them from the inside out and then put the house or building back on the market. From here, furthering his interest and understanding in real-estate, he gained extensive knowledge and skill in mortgage writing and lending, becoming top salesman in his company. With an avid love of Thai cuisine and cooking, his trade took a turn into the restaurant business. In 1995, Joel opened up a Thai eatery that ran off the concept of offering delicious Thai cuisine that was both healthy and with fast delivery. Through the experience and inspiration working in food creation, Joel invented a revolutionary habanero pepper shaker that is a big hit and sold in the majority of big chain food markets. Driven by his motivation for high achievement, he is currently speaking and teaching seminars on how to be successful through a program he developed and all about Forex Trading using the Bit Coin and cryptocurrency.

While, Joel Friant is successful in whatever he embarks on, he’s most known and loved for his Habanero Shaker. One of Joel’s passions in life is health and the habanero pepper is touted for its many benefits of antioxidant properties. This is the inspiring reason he created the Habanero Shaker that is to this day selling off the shelves.