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Matthew Autterson Continues to Develop Career

Achieving continued financial and professional success in the business world can be very complicated today due to the significant amount of competition and challenges that all people face. While growing a career can be tough, one individual that has continued to achieve professional success with a variety of organizations is Matthew Autterson.


Matthew Autterson started his career in 1980 when he graduated from Michigan State with a degree in finance. After he graduated from school, he immediately attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. While he was attending the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program he met a lot of people in the finance industry and learned the skills that would help him to later succeed at all of the jobs that he has had.


After finishing the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program, Autterson got his first job working at First Trust Corporation. After spending a few years at First Trust Corporation, Autterson joined a small team of professionals and started up a new unit of Integra Resources, which was based out of New York City. He eventually was promoted internally and got a top job working for Resources Trust, which eventually became Sun America. Sun America was then acquired by AIG.


While he was working for these organizations, Autterson was integral in the growth. While these organizations started small, he was able to help grow the number of employees and assets under management. Ultimately, before Integra was taken over the company had more than 10,000 employees that were responsible for billions of dollars in assets under management. See This Page for more information


While Autterson has been very busy with his growing and developing career, he also has been involved with a number of different organizations. Matthew Autterson is one of the top board members for the growing organization, Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Falci Adaptive Biosystems oversees a number of professional and philanthropic tasks in the Denver, CO area.


Beyond his role with Falci Adaptive Biosystems, Autterson is also on the board of directors for CNS Bioscience, Inc. CNS Bioscience, Inc. is an organization that is involved in the development of clinical drugs and procedures. This organization was founded in 2013 and has been very successful in the development of a range of different drugs and procedures that are used to help people alleviate some pain. The company is also looking at a number of other opportunities that Autterson is involved in the oversight of.


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