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National Steel Car Dominates Two Countries

National Steel Car has flourished over the years because of their Chief Executive Officer Gregory James Aziz. Greg James Aziz was so wise of successful at National Steel Car that he was also given the roles of President and Chairman of the Board.


Greg Aziz began his career as a businessman when he attended Western University and received a Business Degree with an emphasis of Economic Studies. Through the lessons learned underneath the tutelage of wise professors, he would be able to help National Steel Car stay in business for over 100 years.


Greg Aziz was mainly able to help National Steel Car celebrate its Centennial birthday by helping them push past their previous accomplishments and begin looking to the future. In order to look to the future, National Steel Car had to begin innovating again.


James Aziz was able to bring innovation to National Steel Car in two ways. The first way was that he began to instill this vision throughout his executives in all of management. The second way to he did this was by promoting the idea that National Steel Car had to become friendlier toward the environment.


The reason James Aziz was so adamant that National Steel Car become more friendly to the environment was that regulations were looking to get even more strictly currently were. This was particularly damaging for National Steel Car who already was losing profits due to these regulations.


Greg Aziz then began promoting the idea of building a rail car that was fueled by green energy. This railcar, he said, would be able to carry stuff further and faster and for longer. Working with the engineers throughout the research and development Department, Greg Aziz was able to create that exact railcar. His railcar produced 90% fewer carbon emissions and also ran through 50% less water and did not need to dump any waste into the ocean.

When stricter environmental regulations were passed by the Canadian and the American governments National Steel Car was able to compete in both countries. As several other rail companies were going bankrupt, National Steel Car was thriving.


As many other companies went out of business, National Steel Car was able to acquire their contracts, some of them were worth several billion dollars. Click Here for related information.


Greg Aziz would appear on good morning America with several senators who hailed him and his company as the ideal of green energy.