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New Show: ‘All of the Above’ Hosted by Norman Lear on PodcastOne

Norman Lear, a producer and director of great repute, now presents a weekly podcast on PodcastOne. This was announced by Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne. Norman will entertain listeners with a range of programs from comedy to current events and social issues. Music, politics and many more will be featured in Norman Lear’s podcast.


About the Show


As much as the show will feature a wide variety of topics, the contribution of celebrities and politicians as well as everyday folk will feature in the conversations. Lear will be with another established media personality, Paul Hipp, a personal friend, an actor and a composer.


Others expected to feature in the conversation will be: Amy Poehler, Julia Louis, Jerrod Carmichael and America Ferrera. Conversation will be on basketball and talent with Louis- Dreyfus, race and media featuring Jerrod Carmichael and matters training with Ferrera. Amy Poehler will join the conversation on religion.


The podcast is set to start in May 1. Episodes will be available on Mondays on, iTunes and PodcastOne app.




Norman Lear said he wanted to patiently wait till he was old enough to launch a podcast. He went on to point out that he viewed himself as a peer “your peer.” On the other hand Pattiz said he had admired Lear for a long time. He was excited about the idea of having Norman’s podcast on his ‘PodcastOne network’ saying it was ‘cool’.


Norman Lear


Norman has had many talents. He was among those who witnessed and assisted during the time of the launch of television. He was in the line of creating, developing, writing, and producing. He developed over one hundred shows during this period. Norman one time purchased the original of the ‘declaration of independence’ touring it in all the States of America. Norman can be reached by friends and fans on facebook, @TheNormanLear and twitter.


Norman J. Pattiz


Norman is PodcastOne’s Executive Chairman, a position he has held since June 23, 2016. He also worked as its CEO. He was consulting at Westwood One Inc from August 2010. He started and founded the company in 1979 and served as its chief executive. Norman has also worked as president of ‘Broadcast Education Association and chairperson in many boards. He has also been chairman of multiple boards including ‘Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC, Los Almos National Security LLC and Emeritus of Westwood One Inc among others.

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