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Roseann Bennett Explains How She Opened Her Mental Health Nonprofit


The Center for Assessment and Treatment is a New Jersey nonprofit mental health organization that offers its services to anyone who needs them. They don’t turn anyone away based on their inability to pay. It was co-founded by Roseann Bennett who, in addition to managing her own group of clients, is also the executive director. She is licensed to perform marriage and family therapy. She mainly works with teenagers and their families.


Roseann Bennett says she established her nonprofit after having worked in the mental health industry for several years. Roseann was an in-home therapist who, when she switched to outpatient therapy, had her eyes opened. She found out that people had to wait for up to nine months to see a therapist. She also found out that almost nobody was helping low-income families get access to care.


Bennett decided to change this dynamic.


From the beginning, their approach was one of modesty and practicality. Roseann Bennett says that she and her husband, the other co-founder, kept costs down as much as possible. They furnished their location with furniture they brought in from home, for instance. They started to advertise their nonprofit by attending community meetings and reaching out to potential clients. They kept their office open six days a week and 11 hours each day. See This Page for related information.


She says that they wanted to understand why there was such a need for a nonprofit such as theirs. In order to grow, they looked at what their competitors were doing. Roseann Bennett says they took their competitors best practices and steered away from their mistakes. Roseann Bennett Therapist is proud to say that they have never turned down seeing a client regardless of anything else that was going on.



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