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Roseann Bennett: Q&A With Renown Family Therapist


Roseann Bennett is considered to be one of the nation’s most revered family therapist. Her countless hours of experience working with individuals, married couples and families has allowed her to not only help people with their life challenges but also create effective long term solutions for them.

Recently in 2009, Roseann Bennett would begin working on creating the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a charity organization that seeks to bring therapy to those disenfranchised or marginalized by society.

We recently sat down with Roseann Bennett to learn a little more about herself and her work.


What does your early morning work routine look like?

Roseann Bennett explains that as the head of most of the developmental plans and procedures that are seen at the Center, Bennett is often a part of the integral planning of these programs. Along with preparing her own budget and maintaining an adequate accounting system, Roseann also works on her own casework as keeping that connection with patients is critical in helping patients believe that change can happen.


Can you share a few productivity advice?

The best way to focus is to have a variety of focused attention/time, along with being able to walk away from it for a while, says Roseann Bennett. In addition to the concentration needed to accomplish a project, a passion for the work must also be present. An idea that makes sense needs to be accompanied by passion or else it’ll never work, says Roseann Bennett. Get Additional Information Here.


Can you please speak about your work environment?

Roseann Bennett states that it might just be her old school way of thinking, but she usually likes to keep all her notes within a notebook. She admits that she does use Gmail, Google Drive and of course EMR or Electronic Medical Record; However, being able to write her notes and plans on paper is a pleasant change from the typical day-to-day list that she sees within work technology.

An article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Mental Health Awareness Week Spotlight”, licensed therapist Roseann Bennett offers quicks tips to keeping your Mental health in-check; tips people can use to stay on track with their well-being – both in and out of the workplace.


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