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Securus Technologies Invents Containment Network for Public Safety and Protections from Inmate Violence

Securus Technologies is the largest provider to law enforcement and corrections facilities for assuring public safety. The company serves more than 3,400 agencies across the country.


Robert Johnson is a former corrections officer at the Lee Correctional Institute in South Carolina, and on March 5, 2010, he suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to his stomach and chest area from an ordered “hit” by inmates within the correction facility.


Prior to being shot, Robert intercepted a package that was being received from known gang members within the prison which was later valued at $50,000. Although Robert was fulfilling his duties as a correction officer, there was retaliation from three inmates who contacted an ex-convict from inside the corrections facility. Sean Echols was arrested and later convicted of the crime of attempted murder.


The attempted murder was orchestrated through the use of a cell phone which is banned within correction facilities; however, despite many attempts at stopping inmates from receiving them, cell phones have remained among the population.


Robert recently spoke at a hearing in front of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to tell his story and many other victims’ stories to bring changes to the cell phone contraband issue. If there were systems in place at the time of the inmate’s package interception, then he would not have been shot seven times and undergone 23 surgeries as well as living in constant pain every day. Robert now walks with a cane. Robert is not the only victim of these types of crimes. He also discovered that nine-month old Kendarius Edwards from Georgia was shot and killed in the arms of his mother which was ordered by inmates simply because they didn’t agree with the baby’s uncle. Robert now works for Securus Technologies as a consultant.


Securus Technologies is committed to solving the problem of contraband cell phones within correction facilities and has invested over $40 million to assure the public’s safety by limiting the network that allows cell phone usage among inmates. According to regulations by the FCC, restrictions cannot be implemented to stop calls from cell phone providers.


The company designed the Wireless Containment System (WCS) which filters unauthorized outgoing and incoming calls within the corrections facility. The sophisticated technology sends a powerful signal and distinguishes known phone numbers from unknown phone numbers. Using its own type of cell phone network, Securus Technologies is able to determine what happens with cell phone calls once the network is able to capture the signal. Calls made to 911 are able to continue without interference. WCS has been used within three corrections facilities in Florida with great success.


WCS has blocked more than 1.7 million unauthorized inmate calls- both inbound and outbound- within eight corrections facilities nationwide.